The most beautiful and tidy beach that offers natural panorama and fascinating sunset Nemberala Beach is one of the very few heaches ideal for surfing. Surfers from all over the world as Hawaii, Australia, South and North America come here and try to tame the rough surf from June to October. It is located at the southwest part of Rote Island and said to be world class surfing spot.

On this island, off the south coast of Timor, the great explorer Captain Cook rested longer than intended, since he was greeted with smiles and refreshing drinks of fermented lontar juice.
This isolated island supports a population of (30,000). Thanks to the tree of life, the lontar palm. From the lontar blossom, a sweet liquid, tuak is tapped. The highly nutritious tuak can be drunk in its raw form, fermented into an alcoholic beverage or made into sugar, either way it serves as a food supplement, as rice is saved for feasts and special occasion. The lontar trunk provides wood for boats and traditional houses. Its fan-like leaves are used as roofing on the traditional house. The house, divided into male and female, parts, a one family dwelling and forms part of a single clan village protected by a stone wall. Even the dead are wrapped in the lontar leaves. These leaves are also plaited into baskets, in which offering to the ancestors are placed at ceremonies. And thought of as gifts received to the descendant of the Sun to ensure a prosperous harvest.
Whether you want to experience Savu's rich culture sip the refreshing lontar juice, wim in the clear water, surf the waves or just enjoy the hospitality of the Suvenese, it's only a short trip from Kupang by plane or boat.
A town ( I 10 kilometeres from Kupang) noted for its beautiful tropical flowers, fresh fruits and is a unique blend of old and new. Most locals still wear the traditional dress of their village. Soe is the local point for the numerous traditional cultures within the region, this can be clearly seen by the extensive array of ikat weavings, and other local handicrafts displayed daily at the colorful local market.
Boti is a remote village noticed for its very strong traditional belief adhered by its followers who are also the community or the people of the village. The belief is said to be ancestral tradition that must be obeyed by the community. Every year in February or March a ceremony is staged as a paying homage to their forefathers.
Kolbano is a vilaage on the south beach of Timor Island and wellknown for its beautiful sandy beach. Here one can see a Dutch monument built in 1907 to memorize the battle between the local people and the Dutch.
Mount Mutis is found in Molo, 150 kilometers from Kupang. According to the Dawan people, on this mountain resides the Almighty who gives rain, wing, and life. The mountain is popular with climbers.
Kefamenanu (or Kefa for short) is capital of a regency (North part of Central Timor Regency) located in the very middle of Timor Island. The regetion was in the past part of the Portuguese sphere of influence, a legacy that is still reflected in religion and in the people's nemes.
insane was once a rich kingdom, famous for its famous ikat textiles. The former royal palace still stands artistic and old.
Tamkesi is an out-of-the-way village situated in Salma Hole valley. The village is fenced by bushes and is surrounded by a one meter high stone fortress said to have been erected in the seventeenth or eighteenth century. The community has 12 distinct families each with their own status and function within their community. In October or November each year all tribes congregate to the stage a great ceremony called " Tam Mausa" meaning "Paying Homage".
A port town on the northeastern coast of Flores and stopover on the way to Ende or to Denpasar, and Ujungpandang, and noted for its good beaches. The bay of Maumere, Waiara, is considered the best diving spot (Flores Marine Resort) as it promise extremely rich marine life.
The resort is a paradise for all divers, underwater photographers, and for everyone interested in marone biology. It has a beautiful sea
garden filled with corals and fish. So does Koka, nearby. Accommodation and facilities for recreation are available.

Ledalero Museum at the outskirts of Maumere has an interesting collection of ethnological objects for the region. Visitors are welcome but advanced arrangements should be made. Ledalero is also a name of a major Catholic Seminary from many of Florinese priest originated.




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