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Kanawa Island

Kanawa Island
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Kanawa island is about an hour’s boat ride from Labuanbajo and is home to…nothing. Well, nothing but 14 bungalows, a few staff, 3 cats, beautiful beaches, pristine coral and crystal clear water. In short, paradise. The island is tiny. If there wasn’t a small mountain in the middle of it, you could walk round the entire place in probably less than an hour. The side where the bungalows are located is ringed by a thin, but fantastic white sand beach and just a few metres off the shore is some really amazing coral and fish life.
Date: 2013-08-24 08:41:22

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cakep .... happy weekend :)
M Reza Faisal 2013-08-24 09:26:45
[] and the same to you too bro..salam dari Bali :))
Nathalie Stravers 2013-08-24 09:27:31
Beautiful light!
Sam Antonio Photography 2013-08-24 09:54:01
brianphotos8 2013-08-24 11:18:08
[] Thanks Antonio

[] Thanks
Nathalie Stravers 2013-08-24 11:21:17
Lovely image - looks peaceful!
Tony Teague (Slowcomo) 2013-08-24 16:27:22
amazing photo, very harmonized :D
detailed trees 2013-08-24 18:33:32
Imagem linda.
Obrigado por compartilhar.
botanopé 2013-08-24 20:32:13
Fascinating capture..
Love to live in such an island..
Congrats on Explore..
ramakan 2013-08-24 20:48:17
Absolutely fabulous capture!
regina_austria 2013-08-24 22:06:25
rich lewis 2013-08-25 01:48:53
Awesome! Keep up the good work.
le cabri 2013-08-25 02:12:16
Excelente toma!!
(\ (\
BeGoNi 2013-08-25 02:54:48
Em Nor 2015-09-16 10:09:24

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