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Colors of Dawn Over Mount Kelimutu

Colors of Dawn Over Mount Kelimutu
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Bakti Sosial Gambara - Yaspem

Setetes Pengabdian Pada Mu Nusa
YouTube : A Small Drop of Devotion to the Nation

Colors of dawn over mount Kelimutu and the crater lake as a focal point.
Kelimutu National Park, Ende district, Flores island, Indonesia
Date: 2013-03-25 13:07:47

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Beautiful color!!!!!!
ak_phuong (Tran Minh Phuong) 2013-03-25 13:14:14
wonderful composition and colors....!!!
Henry der Mops 2013-03-25 13:15:16
superb shot my friend!
this place looks stunning!
Glenn 07 2013-03-26 01:48:11
Brilliant shot!! Nice choice of lighting!!
Bhada :) 2013-03-29 02:11:14
O____________O indah banget!
lullullul 2013-04-04 13:15:21
Beautiful image!!
Helga Haraldsdóttir 2013-04-18 18:37:53
Ahh beautiful Kelimutu. Wonderful place. Nice shot too. Hope you dived the Komodo national park.
bikespod (Nick Pattinson) 2013-05-25 18:52:22
This is magic!
nina.polareuth 2013-06-22 04:17:12
U have Amazing stream of pics................
Well done...........
Ahmad Waqas Butt 2013-09-01 12:27:35

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