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Deep throat

Deep throat
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Komodo dragon with a huge wide open pink mouth, Komodo Island, Indonesia. The Komodo dragons have special venom glands in their mouths that inject the venom into its prey when the dragon bites and tears the flesh. This prevents blood from clotting and the prey eventually dies from blood loss and a drop in blood pressure, plus likely infection from bacteria in the dragon's mouth and surroundings.
Date: 2017-11-01 17:13:54

Komodo_dragon Varanus_komodoensis endangered_species wide_open_mouth deep_throat pink_throat venom carnivore Komodo_monitor Komodo_Island large_lizard Indonesia front_view

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Great shot Terry.
chauvin.bill 2017-11-01 17:17:20
Was für eine Aufnahme klasse lg jens
heavy circle 2017-11-01 17:39:39
[] I hope this is what you are asking, Jens!
Species:V. komodoensis
tmeallen 2017-11-01 17:57:14
[] Thanks a lot, bill!
tmeallen 2017-11-01 17:58:18
Yes, it is a great experience to see the species on Komodo and Rinca
Martin Zurek 2017-11-01 18:37:16
[] It was an amazing experience!
tmeallen 2017-11-01 18:46:52
Great Shot congretulation
ewaldtitze 2017-11-01 19:12:28
[] Many thanks, Ewald!
tmeallen 2017-11-01 19:21:11
They are a wonder. Seem to be dinosaur -like,,,but we don't have too many of those left! really nice shot!
Nelli2005 2017-11-02 06:16:13
[] Thanks, Donna; agree that they are dinosaur-like!
tmeallen 2017-11-02 14:42:22
Wow! The depths of a dragon's throat; a place I'm sure many animals on the island have nightmares about entering.
thethoughtbadger 2017-11-04 15:56:22
Una auténtica maravilla. Fantástica!
Miguel Angel Barroso Lorenzo 2017-11-09 06:54:57
[] [] Many thanks, Luke and Miguel!
tmeallen 2017-11-13 20:40:11
Great image! also great info! The latest study casts serious doubt on the prevalence of super dangerous bacteria as a contributor, finding only normal reptile bacteria present.
fossiled 2017-12-15 06:49:45
[] Thanks a lot, Ed! Yes, my research into the subject also suggests that the bacteria play a secondary role to the venom.
tmeallen 2017-12-20 15:01:09

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