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The Jade Island district of New Blok City is run by Komodo and his associates. They go by the name of Shinjiketo and run the south eastern coast of the city. The population is home to a large Asian community and Komodo has emerged as the leader of the criminal underworld in that part of town. The Shinjiketo have a strangle hold on the district and it's biggest properties include a casino, a restaurant, and a theater. Komodo began his rise to fame after a failed assassination attempt on his life wounded him and he acquired his abilities in the ensuing mystical medical treatment. He soon hired Kensuke Tajiri, a renowned hit-man in his homeland, to be his right hand man. Kensuke was granted an armored suit with razor sharp saw blades on it to enhance his physical performance. He became Buzzsaw and dons the armor when the need arises. Yoshiro Yamada offered his services and inventive talent to Komodo to take on the mantle of Dragonfly. Using high-tech equipment, he aids the Shinjiketo in ways Buzzsaw can not. The Shinjiketo are always looking to expand their interest and recruit new members. Aragoto is someone who Komodo would like to recruit, but has been unsuccessful so far. Still, with their power and foothold in the city, the Shinjiketo look to remain a major threat to the law abiding citizens of New Blok City for a very long time.

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Nice triple threat but I can tell these guys will turn on each other when conflict arises!
Lego Creationist 2017-11-26 06:50:06
[] Thanks! I dunno about them turning on each other. Komodo is a pretty ruthless leader. Buzzsaw is loyal to the $$ and Dragonfly wouldn't dare cross Komodo.
Quickblade22 2017-11-26 08:18:29

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