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Trying to get of Komodo

Trying to get of Komodo
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There was a french family who was on Komodo when we were. They were the rudest people I have ever seen in may travels. They were incredibly insulting toward the Indonesians, calling them stupid and backwards right to their faces. Because of that, the locals in town were not very kind to us when we asked them for a boat ride to Flores after we found out that the ferry wasn't coming to pick us up and take us off the Island. My man Matt went to some fishermen and smooth talked them with clove cigarettes and his excellent Indonesian. They agreed to take us to Flores - without the French. After about an hour on this boat the Capitan recieved a radio call saying that the ferry was coming after all and had to turn around to take us back. We eventually made it to Flores before the French and we were all very pleased.
Date: 2005-09-12 09:11:41


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