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Komodo, Indonesia

Komodo, Indonesia
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In the old days - and I mean as recently as 1988 - you got to Komodo from Labuanbajo on the island of Flores. You rented a guide and a launch and you sailed across a choppy stretch of water full of eddys and whirlpools. When you arrived at Komodo it was necessary to purchase a goat which was then walked across the island to a feeding zone. Its endless bleating was fairly upsetting, I can tell you. Your guide then slit the goat's throat, butchered the carcass, hooked it on to a line and fed it to the waiting dragons. On the day of our visit there were just four tourists, us two, and two Japanese. After the dragon show we walked down to a beach, had a picnic and went snorkelling. This remains one of the strangest days of my life - and I still feel a bit queasy and embarrassed by the whole thing, but nowadays it's become a dreadful circus with literally thousands of people pouring off huge cruise ships.
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Indonesia Komodo UNESCO World Heritage Site

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