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Padar Peninsulas

Padar Peninsulas
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View of the south end of Padar Island, population: 3 park rangers, part of the Komodo archipelago, in the late afternoon from a viewpoint along a half day trek around the island. The trail is walked every 10 days by rotating park rangers for the last couple of years I'm told, but I was the first non-ranger to walk it in recent memory. This island is never visited by tours (no garbage around thankfully), sometimes diving boats anchor in the southern bays as can be seen here, but few people ever step foot on land let alone do this trek, which lasted 3 hours under very hot humid and windless conditions. The rangers told me there was evidence of at least one komodo dragon living on the island, but we did not see any, there are many deer though. There is so much to see on the island, yet no way of getting there without a charter boat, which I'm glad I did.

Why did I go there?

Years ago I saw photos on google earth taken by one of the park rangers and did some research, and knew I had to go there one day and found exactly where I needed to go. To this date, I have not seen any other photos taken from this viewpoint. The tall tropical clouds in the background were a lucky bonus.
Date: 2013-08-01 00:51:37

Padar Komodo Island Indonesia trek Nusa Tenggara

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Wow! Magical landscape.
Iceland Aurora Photo Tours 2013-08-01 01:11:50
what a stunning view! greta light and compo. You are such a great photographer Tan!
Nora Carol 2013-08-01 01:23:24
Beautiful composition, I can see a portrait in the clouds.
anneanne4 2013-08-01 01:39:52
What a wonderful landscape picture
castillerozaldívar 2013-08-01 02:33:58
Amazing shot, Very well done!
PHOTOROTA 2013-08-01 02:48:17
just another day in heaven :)
elkogan 2013-08-01 03:23:36
magnificent shot.
photo_tintin 2013-08-01 03:28:44
moondoggie71 2013-08-01 03:36:01
very nice and well composed photo, good one.
holland fotograaf 2013-08-01 04:53:44
Stunning view from another world
Noelegroj (Celebrating 10 Millions+views!) 2013-08-01 04:54:58
Incredible... out of this world.
janis kwasney 2013-08-01 05:32:47
more than gorgeous, perfect composition !
alexandros9 2013-08-01 07:01:26
Ohh woow Tan, congrats for making this fabulous trip and to be one or one of the few who trekked here, must be a great feeling ^^ I love the photo and the compo, it is very very beautiful and stunning!!
Amberinsea Photography 2013-08-01 08:11:29
A fairy tale place Tan! Hard to go there but so beautiful! Also because in the photo we cannot feel the wet hot climate you told about. 2013-08-01 08:12:10
Another great shot! congrats!
Consulente per Viaggiare 2013-08-01 08:38:48
muhteşem bir manzara
insan kıskanıyor
Tonoz 2013-08-01 09:00:16
This looks so heavenly.
mikaelaldo 2013-08-01 11:01:37
what a captivating landscape; gorgeous shot
RkyMtnGrl 2013-08-01 11:40:24
coastwalker 2013-08-01 12:31:50
Such natural beauty, well taken...
Bloomingshots 2013-08-01 13:28:11
what a perfect shot! spectacular view!
lucy's@photo 2013-08-01 14:11:47
what can i say? perfect shot for sure :)
Zur@imiAbro@d 2013-08-01 15:13:56
What a remarkable landscape. Thank you for sharing this beautiful scene!
o palsson 2013-08-01 15:25:03
Tan this is the most sensational scene I have seen!
Superb image.
MarsW 2013-08-01 15:31:13
Fabulous views with great sky and colors; how rewarding it must feel to stand where so few (perhaps no) other man has ever stood !
Jill Clardy 2013-08-01 15:52:45
Great story and a captivating photo - well worth the hike !
berik 2013-08-01 16:02:31
beautiful shot!
Blue Falcon Foto 2013-08-01 16:26:27
Wow! Gorgeous!
Ferry Vermeer 2013-08-01 20:01:44
One of your very best, Tan. Great story too. 2013-08-01 20:12:54
Impressive composition and I love that cloud on the left!
Alex L'aventurier, 2013-08-01 20:15:01
old volcanoes and big thunderheads, great view and comp, Tan!! 8 )
ni kon ninja 2013-08-01 21:01:53
Spectacular shot!
Globality+ 2013-08-01 21:49:04
MJ_07 2013-08-02 01:16:47
It's the Graden of Eden look like dream lend!
shallwin 2013-08-02 01:36:53
I think I see Captain Hook's ship.
riordanNH 2013-08-02 01:47:33
Fantastic (and such impressive) work. Not only have you gone the extra mile to present us with something very unusual, but you have done so beautifully. Love this and thanks again.
**El-Len** 2013-08-02 03:15:52
Excellent as always...picture and the informative description! Appreciate the effort!
SattvaKarma 2013-08-02 03:25:15
Breathtaking view and landscape ... makes me wish to be there and see it in real!
Batikart 2013-08-03 08:46:52
pure virgin nature at its best ! must become a poster !
alexandros9 2013-08-03 09:06:58
An amazing place there is an image in the cloud formation watching!
anneanne4 2013-08-04 04:38:45
Loving that thunderhead. From the looks of it, it's a beautiful view.
idashum 2013-08-04 15:48:35
Dazzled as always by your shots which show true mastery of the craft including understanding of the aesthetic principles of landscape composition.
kusula 2013-08-04 17:12:32
Very Romantic image.....
MargaRita247 2013-08-18 17:16:43
now a favored your shot... and me be one day, I also will visit it, like you ... however very little chance...
Főzy István 2013-08-19 11:03:07
:-O i have no word, breathtaking island and shot!
Héloïse Picot 2013-10-01 15:01:26
Interesting shot.
Image of the mind 2013-10-06 05:23:46
whooo. What a landscape!
pim van den heuvel 2013-10-21 16:46:28
Dear Tan, once again, an amazing picture. Could you tell us exactly where you took this picture? I also saw this picture:

Do you happen to know where it was shot? I really admire your persistence on taking wonderful scenery pictures!
shuwesley 2016-05-09 05:17:20
Voyage_Vietnam 2016-05-31 10:40:33
thunderous applause! for such gems
subarcticmike 2017-07-16 15:42:53

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