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Lawadarat Panorama

Lawadarat Panorama
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180° Panoramic view from the top of Lawadarat island, Komodo archipelago, Indonesia. My guide, Jos, is the figure at top left. He had never been there before, sometimes I guide the "guides", this happens quite often whenever I'm obliged to take a guide Jos is a really nice guy trying to make a living and he speaks excellent English, my custom itinerary was unusual even for the captain.

Komodo Island is the big one in the background, taken late afternoon.
Date: 2013-08-12 00:52:23

Lawa Darat Komodo Indonesia panorama

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Hermosa Foto!
Ariadna Sprio 2013-08-12 01:00:43
Looks like the ocean is smiling.
janis kwasney 2013-08-12 01:15:27
Fantastic grand sweep in this pano - the ocean color is gorgeous; I thought maybe you'd put yourself in the picture for once :) Funny that you have to guide the guide; I suppose they don't get many customers who have a particular interest in getting to exactly the right spot at exactly the right time to get the perfect photo ! (it seems you might have forgotten to put this one on the map - I always like to see what remote destination you've gone to....)
Jill Clardy 2013-08-12 01:24:36
Super panorama
Maria_Globetrotter 2013-08-12 01:25:19
Nice super wide!
masinka 2013-08-12 02:02:19
[] Fixed, I think.. the map has been acting strange on me lately, I cannot see my geotags for a week or so.
hapulcu 2013-08-12 02:18:01
That is a great shot .
PHOTOROTA 2013-08-12 02:25:29
Stunning view and a beautiful panorama Tan!!
Ania Tuzel Photography 2013-08-12 02:32:16
gorgeous light and colors, beautiful panoramic image.. love the blues
bytegirl24 2013-08-12 03:43:31
Wow, what an amazing panorama! The view is spectacular, but you captured it so well. I love the light, the colours and the details. Excellent work, Tan!
Ann Badjura Photography 2013-08-12 03:56:18
very beautiful and well composed photo job here well done.
holland fotograaf 2013-08-12 04:53:17
Beautiful landscape, fantastic light and colours!
VenaCos 2013-08-12 04:58:48
a majestic view
coastwalker 2013-08-12 05:47:59
Magnificent and magical shot.
Globality+ 2013-08-12 05:57:36
Gorgeous panorama! I suppose you had to climb a lot to reich this point of view. I will go there next september but I will not climb so much, I got a knee pain. 2013-08-12 06:30:00
another breathtaking panorama Tan ... Congrats!
Haqqoo 2013-08-12 06:31:39
That's a wonderful panorama! Blues are so great in the sky and in the water! Great picture!
lathuy 2013-08-12 07:02:45
Fantastic pano and superb light, beautiful shot.

paolo paccagnella 2013-08-12 07:26:36
What a fantastic view Tan. Going to places not many people go to, even not your guide ;-)
Excellent presentation, wonderful colours!
~ Floydian ~  2013-08-12 07:41:10
cool. stunning pano!
Stefano Rugolo 2013-08-12 07:43:30
A very beautiful shot ! My compliments.
martin alberts Pictures of Amsterdam 2013-08-12 08:28:17
Absolutely amazing panorama Tan! I am in awe, stunning photo work!
Amberinsea Photography 2013-08-12 09:44:20
Gorgeous capture of colour....
Bloomingshots 2013-08-12 12:34:44
Giant !
Philippe Haumesser (+ 6000 000 view) 2013-08-12 12:41:13
Lovely panorama view.
Septimus Low 2013-08-12 12:51:43
a panoramic perfection, with brilliant color, light, composition and detail !!!!!!!!!!!!
alexandros9 2013-08-12 13:39:39
In a reverse role for the guide, his concern of not making it home for dinner.
riordanNH 2013-08-12 15:30:15
Wow - it has just blown me away - what beauty, colour, detail and what a scene!
MarsW 2013-08-12 15:51:06
I suppose it's a stitched photo. May I know how many photos you needed, the program you used for stitching and the kind of camera you used? The quality is excellent and the beauty overwhelming.
Clouds Catcher 2013-08-12 16:17:35
Lovely work, Tan
Geekstalt 2013-08-12 16:37:48
Spectacular panorama!
Ferry Vermeer 2013-08-12 18:37:31
phenomenal shot; having him in the frame really gives a sense of scale!!!!
RkyMtnGrl 2013-08-12 23:04:31
I like the inclusion of your guide. Beautiful scenic.
Ned (gr8sublime) 2013-08-13 00:40:23
[] 20 portrait format images using PTGui.
hapulcu 2013-08-13 02:01:41
Ah seni, beautiful
anneanne4 2013-08-13 04:36:06
Stunning panoramic view
Noelegroj (Celebrating 10 Millions+views!) 2013-08-13 05:19:32
Nice to see the pano view. The water is absolutely stunning. Nice to see your guide in the shot.
idashum 2013-08-13 05:43:16
Wow! Wow! Wow!
mola_zg 2013-08-13 11:28:51
Magnificent perspective and scenery !
DianaChuang 2013-08-13 14:32:36
Superb shot. Love the huge area captured in one shot. Great landscapes, colours and light. A sense of scale too!
Neil Mair Photography 2013-08-13 20:09:04
Wandering Sole Images 2013-08-14 06:57:56
Grand Exploration of the country Tan TFS
cupic1 2013-08-15 04:31:12
Thats beautiful..
castillerozaldívar 2013-08-18 00:41:13
bmse 2013-09-13 03:47:22

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