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Kupang, Timor, Indonesia, 1967

Kupang, Timor, Indonesia, 1967
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As in Bali, we seemed to be the only foreigners around, not that Timor had much of a tourist trade at the best of times. The children were curious and well behaved but only saw the odd traveller who was passing along the Indonesian island chain.
Date: 2007-12-03 17:52:50

Indonesia Timor Kupang children beach palms 1967

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I remember well the crowds of people, mostly children, that gathered around when out for a stroll around Kupang. I was there in 1975 and foreign travelers were still a novelty. Enjoyed all your Indonesian pics, especially the ones of Bali. Thanks for sharing & good descriptions.
Blue-yonder 2009-09-11 10:28:27
beautiful picture! but even now western tourists are rare in this busy and interesting town!
Sekitar 2013-07-02 21:31:33
Great image from

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bokage 2014-01-10 14:20:03

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