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Florès - The Fish Market of Labuan Bajo

Florès - The Fish Market of Labuan Bajo
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Twins sharing the shame fate ⎮ Getty Images

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Date: 2012-06-18 07:41:11

gettyimages Indonésie Florès Labuan Bajo market marché poisson red snapper mort dead carré square couleur color 500x500

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What? No favourites or comments?! I love the colour of the fish. They look like they are yawning.
confused increase 2012-06-18 07:44:57
Superbe !
Olivier Autissier 2012-06-18 07:46:52
J'espère qu'ils ont vite trouvé preneur.
sly's eye 2012-06-18 08:04:19
the first one scream, the second is surrendered
sharkoman 2012-06-18 08:19:30
[] It's monday morning... They are coming, slowly ! Thanks David !

[] Merci Olivier

[] C'est un poisson cher là-bas...

[] Well observed, Fulvio ! But at the end, the result is the same ;-)
☆ j é r e n 2012-06-18 08:29:46
Panique dans les deux cas. Je ne suis pas végétarienne, mais c'est toujours inconfortable de regarder dans les yeux de ceux qu'on va manger. J'ai une photo du même genre, mais le poisson est cuit :)).
Cat Shilova 2012-06-18 08:49:50
potente still-life...
fiumeazzurro 2012-06-18 09:12:08
Stone et Charden?
hushed destruction 2012-06-18 09:34:26
I love this, but you know I would!
Zach Manchester UK 2012-06-18 11:18:32
Ca me donne plus que jamais envie de devenir végétarienne, ce que je suis presque mais pas encore !!! J'ai du mal !
Kay Harpa 2012-06-18 11:37:56
Do you know the Fish Heads song?
dark effect 2012-06-18 12:31:47
Mar slima 2012-06-18 13:33:11
Excelente fotografía.!!!
Barbut1 2012-06-18 13:59:22
C'était pour le choix de votre repas ? ...
* galaad * 2012-06-18 16:43:09
Spectecular colours and composition!!!!
AdeLeeuwFoto 2012-06-18 20:58:41
wonderful colors and nicely composed.
[ war horse ] 2012-06-18 22:10:48
poor things. snapper is delicious tho'.
Seen on your photo stream. ( ?² )
bunchadogs & susan 2012-06-19 03:31:43
now that's what i call up close and personal. you make even dead fish interesting.
BADRS 2012-06-19 06:15:48
I also thought of [] when I saw this :)
Davers 2012-06-19 18:54:56
tout simplement magnifique!
different leg 2012-06-22 07:00:14
And the same plate, and probably the same eater aswell.
when I'm there 2012-06-22 17:51:13
so intense:)
Vasilis Amir 2012-07-02 12:57:57
This brilliant work
is invited/awarded
insect sunrise
in Amir _ أمير group
check out the new exhibition by
and also the previous exhibitions
Vasilis Amir 2012-07-02 12:58:02
Excellent !


Admired in 500x500
Gerard Hermand 2012-09-13 08:57:55
You deserve the SHOW THE BEST Award !!!
Thank you for sharing your beautiful photo !

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Post 1 / Award 3
Irene Becker 2012-09-13 10:56:44
josef... 2012-09-13 13:22:43
This brilliant work
deserves an award
insect sunrise
in Amir _ أمير group
bruce_eyster 2012-09-19 06:51:28
This masterpiece
is exiled in
floor illusion
exile _ גלות gallery
Vasilis Amir 2012-10-03 18:58:59
Du hast wirklich ein Auge für interessante Motive und für ausgezeichnete Bildgestaltungen!
You have really an eye for interesting motives and for excellent picture compositions!
pinguin1961 2012-10-10 13:59:39
This masterpiece
was admired in
floor illusion
exile _ גלות gallery
lavish rifle 2012-11-13 23:18:47
:-) cool !great toning !
Agi - Agnieszka Lewkowicz 2012-12-11 20:48:03

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