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Dawit Moni (54)

"Agri Service constructed a dam where water from the stream is collected and released to our gardens through canals. I've used this water source to grow vegetables in my garden.

“I started growing vegetable this year. I grow onion and cabbage in my garden. Currently I buy vegetables for my family from the local market. My immediate plan is to use from my own garden and reduce my expense on vegetables. If it is surplus, I will sell to the local market.

”When I was young we used to face complete crop failure once in seven years, but now it has become more frequent. We expect rain in September and April. We harvest in December and July. Rain also comes late and stops earlier, which leads to the situation that the shortage of rain kills crops or reduces our harvest. Shortage of rain has become a problem for the community.

“Twenty years ago, we had a river running through the villages in Tisho and Mure year round. Many farmers were using irrigation then. Due to gradual shortage of rain the river turned into a small stream."

Zeritu Cheneke, Agri Service Aid Worker says:

“The irrigation facility can water more than 30 hectares of land, and benefit more than 108 households.

We are working with all farmers in the two communities - Mure and Tisho villages through irrigation user farmers cooperation, and encourage them to put together money to maintain the irrigation facility to ensure its long lasting service.

We provided skill training and vegetable seeds for the first 20 farmers who started vegetable gardening. We supported them with the seeds to encourage their hard work and use them as model farmers that other farmers can learn from and copy their good work.”

Photo: Tamiru Legesse/Trócaire.
Date: 2013-09-18 19:50:09

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