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Padar(ise) island

Padar(ise) island
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Padar island
Indonesia 2008
Date: 2013-10-20 13:07:05

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Wow, it looks like you climbed Bukit Piramid?
hapulcu 2013-12-12 08:25:10
sorry for my english (i'm french, of course), but "google translate" is my best friend for translate so :
I think what you call "Bukit Piramid" is the mountain in the top right corner of my photo.
in my opinion this is the top that we must make the most beautiful shot of Padar, may be I'll can try on my next trip...
Patrice ANGLADE 2013-12-12 15:51:55
Superbe pano !
steff808 2014-01-08 03:36:16

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