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A deserted island off the coast of Flores

A deserted island off the coast of Flores
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Near Riung, Flores, Indonesia. September 2006
Date: 2007-04-01 22:18:31

Indonesia Flores Island paradise clear water crystal sea water boat blue

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wow!!!!!!!! preciosa foto! que paisaje!!!!!!!!
india28angie 2007-04-02 00:32:52
I gotta go there! How do I get there from Flores?
chris.fogden 2007-07-16 08:28:47
Head to Riung, a little town on the north coast. Then ask about town for a person to take you out on a boat to go snorkelling and to see the flying foxes, we stopped at this island on the way back to Riung after having a bbq on the beach. Awesome place, enjoy!
findbluesky 2007-07-16 19:53:12
Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Best of Indonesia Photos, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

Excellent shot~!
best of indonesia photos
I chose this to be the Best of Indonesia photos
tropicaLiving - Jessy Eykendorp 2008-07-06 11:28:35
Thank you! :P
Jessica Rabbit's Flickr 2009-04-20 21:04:28

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