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Eromanga Sensei ‒ Episode 9

Eromanga Sensei ‒ Episode 9
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For as many issues contaminate Sagiri’s relationship with Masamune, perhaps she does more good than harm after all. Eromanga Sensei largely goes without its title character this week, and the result is an even more rote harem fanservice fest than normal. Then again, this is the beach episode.

Masamune and his gang of groupies take a vacation to Elf’s private island, ostensibly to gather data for their stories, secretly because of Elf’s ulterior agenda, but mostly just for the sake of some swimsuit scenes. I was happy to see that Shidou came along, indicating that he might stick around to a greater degree than I was expecting. His presence is appreciated, even if he really only had one joke this episode (mistaking Masamune’s sexuality in a surprisingly less tasteless bit than usual for this series’ sense of humor). This episode also properly introduces us to Elf’s brother Chris (who we glimpsed momentarily way back in episode 3) to act as an agent of development between Elf and Masamune and broaden the show’s world a bit.

The episode quickly gets on with the fanservice, putting characters in swimsuits to act out standard light-novel and anime situations in the name of

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