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Getting There

Getting There
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Our boat to Gili Trawangan off Lombok island. It should be mentioned (somewhere - on the internet, in a guide book) the incredible BS that surrounds getting to the Gili islands. There IS a public boat (it cost less than $1.00 USD) that goes BOTH to and from all the Gilis several times a day, but it is hard to figure this out as the "touts" or random people (agressive young males) keep telling you that you need to charter a boat. Don't believe it. Buy your $8,500 Rupiah ticket at the ticket office and WAIT for the next boat. There is also a public boat ticket office on each of the Gilis. The one on Trawangan is right on the beach near where you are dropped off. Boats leave several times a day. We went both ways on the public boat 8,500 rupiah each way.

We met a guy from Holland that paid $150,000 Rupiah to "charter" a boat and he ended up being shuffeled onto our public boat. He quickly realised what had happened but the young man who convinced him to "charter" the boat was gone and so was his $150,000 (really not so much $$ only about $16.00 USD). Beware the touts at Bangsal harbor !!!
Date: 2008-05-06 06:43:06

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