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"Apprentice Blacksmith" Omasegar,Bayan

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A smile as warm as the fires in the furnace. This young apprentice had a chance to show off his skills as his master went off for a smoke nearby. This traditional smithy in the village of Omasegar where my sasak friend, Sar stayed is certainly a rare sight for us...crafting the many different types of agricultural tools requires a keen eye, strength and precision, but this young man certainly makes it seem so easy with his friendly banter and bright sunny smile.
Date: 2007-05-26 19:27:12

Lombok Indonesia

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great shot! an excellent portrait. You've done a wonderful job capturing this scene
David M Hogan 2007-07-06 05:36:53
Thanks Cap'n Surly. Really appreciate your kind comments. I've taken quite a dozen other interesting shots at this little spot, but the warmth and friendly smile from this young apprentice left an deep imprint!
ChKESE 2007-07-06 19:49:07

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