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FRENCH ESCAPISM and the BIRTH OF REALITY before reality catches up with itself


the last great american whale
lou reed

a PRIMAL awareness of invention means that more often than not, the ACTUAL invention comes decades after the IDEA of the invention is quite ordinary within a culture.

for example, the simple camera.

i think of the MARQUIS DE SADE.
he was a film maker.
oddly, there was no film back then.
he died in 1812.

but if you read his work,
he was making movies.

snuff films.
sex films.
horror films.
terror films.
science films.

his sht makes the SAW series and HOSTEL look like metaphoric disney films about marriage and love.

the MARQUIS DE SADE was dreaming in technicolor centuries before technicolor crawled out of the womb of electricity.

so we must admit that ACUTAL INVENTION Is hardly the BACKBONE OF INVENTION.

instead, isn’t it rather THE ATHENA of INVENTION?!

doesn’t it usually spring forth somehow fully developed?

isn’t that what ATHENA was supposed to be?

so with the camera, this also happened in france and other places.

the camera obscura had been a phenomenon that was available to some as early as the fifth century b.c.e.

and correct me if my presumptions are incorrect, but haven’t people been DREAMING in TECHNICOLOR since, well, like the dawn of any recorded human history?!??!

anyway, i guess it isn’t exactly common knowledge that the human condition is curtained.

curtaining is this collective constructioning that barrierizes communities and movements and thought pools and all manner of relational human interaction.

curtaining is an intentional and directed, but ever-changing and mostly uncontrollable attempt to keep “a collective whole” from imploding, exploding or extincting.

eugenics, for example.
or animal and human husbandry.
or good farming and dietary codes.

or urban development.
touristizing and tourizing are adjuncts, but also present more visibly and more prominently now than in past societies.

these impulses of control create the CURTAINING.
but eventually, the human rises up to REVISUALIZE the power of making the dream “real”. the curtain is questioned.
the curtainers are put under the spot light.

we hear this OVER AND OVER again in our product-distribution based society of waste and excess and choice and grade.

it is a constant haranguing, which, like the mosquito weapon (just wait until the BIG mosquito blows your ear drums out!! and you won’t believe whose going to try to sell you NEW ONES OMFG!!!!) can be blocked out by sheer subservience to TELEVISION PROGRAMMING.

seriously, i used to be able to hear the piercing whine of people’s television sets from 50 meters away. notice how we said things in "yards and pounds” back then.

it was the 70s in the united states and the true advent of the spreading television networks.

we had just met the metric system and were going, “wait, so is a paper clip like a gram or is a raisin like a gram?!?!”

we could’ve used THE DINNER SCHOOL back then.
it’s perfect for interpreting and giving meaning to exactly such meaningless abstract BS if you can’t literally learn to feel the difference by actual hands-on application & use.

make a fking cake if you want to learn the metric system.
see a GRAM with your own TWO eyes!!
learn to measure out a gram using all manner of substances.

that’s how people learn.
by touching and measuring and seeing and working through experience.

it’s so much less fun when one learns about grams because you’re paying 15$ per gram to get good weed.

even the most DELICIOUS cake is less than 10 cents per gram.

assuming your slice of cake weighs four ounces
you would end up with 112 grams.
can you imagine paying $1680 for a slice of cake??

that’s a lot of money.
those POT DEALERS are making a LOT of fking money. and with a 30% tax on that sht, where is that going?!?!

and VICEversa, those LUCKY people spending so much money on OVERINFLATED pot are getting COMPLETELY HIJACKED> and lucky at the same time!!!!

but seriously,
they’re economics are almost getting more hijacked than the people who bought AD SHAMPAIGN COMMERCIALS during the 2016 election run-up season.

unless it was intentional.
than it was just a highly manufactured coup de economics.

ah, such fun.

is this what we do with all our dreaming?

did the HUMAN have no greater range?
was this all the dream contained?

we just dream about being able to make moving imagery come to life and then the dream is over?

is it all just a MARK UP LANGUAGE issue?
with prettyoffs to the rescue?!
Date: 2017-12-02 04:14:56

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