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Senaru Lombok Indonesia @ Sunrise

Senaru Lombok Indonesia @ Sunrise
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Senaru Lombok Indonesia @ Sunrise. Click here to see my stream on black. Buy my Fine Art Prints: (For best view, click the image or press L on your keyboard to see the larger size)
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Date: 2011-01-13 21:20:34

Lombok Indonesia NTB West Nusa Tenggara Landscape Barat

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Beautiful sunrise !! Great work, Fadil !!
yopinori 2011-01-13 21:59:47
gradasi warna dan kontrol exposure nya luar biasa...
inoenesia 2011-01-13 22:03:20
tangy route 2011-01-13 22:17:21
anambotono 2011-01-13 22:43:18
zetakr 2011-01-13 23:23:31
Beautiful landscape.
great places.
djsitaun 2011-01-14 08:40:26
nice shot!!!
Paul Malandain 2011-01-14 09:34:02
This is awesome!!!
Tiu Kelep is just one hour hike from here :))
hock how & siew peng 2011-01-14 10:30:25
Hi, was wondering if a flash was used for the foreground. It appears a little bit too bright compare to the background, which is nearer to the sun?

Nice work! Always wanted to go to Lombok after seeing your picture.
vicsim 2011-01-14 12:48:22
what a landscape - what a light - what beautiful coulours - beautiful image!
torsten hansen (berlin) 2011-01-14 13:44:06
the sky is simply amazing and this colors at the first plan....just woow !
Thibault B Photography 2011-01-14 20:04:24
[] Tie Kelep will be my next assignment :)

[] No flash here, just natural light. You can see the foreground leaf backlighted from the sunrise. I stand in the edge of high hill, the dark forest in the front is another hill.

To All, thank you :)
Fadil Basymeleh 2011-01-15 02:48:49
Saf Razali 2011-01-16 16:52:27
i tell you that I Fallen in love in my first impression with your work, really impressed me Fadil.
Sayid Budhi 2011-01-16 16:54:23
Wonderful shot !
Frédéric Bertrand 2011-01-16 17:03:44
Hey man, BadAss photo like always!!
high bridge 2011-01-16 23:24:15
Great work!
dry dust 2011-01-17 16:08:52
from the beach to the mountain, all your shots are amazing!
tropicaLiving - Jessy Eykendorp 2011-01-17 17:23:49
ok good! :) Get Randi to go with you!
hock how & siew peng 2011-01-18 14:06:35
wonderful image!
congrats for the explore :)
Rui Almeida Photography 2011-01-18 14:21:54
Great work! Love this pic!
M3xx 2011-01-18 16:12:21
Love the colours
high reaction 2011-01-18 18:47:03
haddartist 2011-01-19 20:12:08
gravity_grave 2011-01-19 20:12:53
Stunning! beautiful light and tones!
JPastrikos 2011-01-23 23:02:02
Fadil - This is very nice and sharp from front to back, and the exposure looks perfect to me. If I was to offer any suggestion here, it would maybe be to add some contrast to the middle section of the image...
Jesse Estes 2011-01-27 01:42:22
TravellingTheBLU26 2011-01-28 04:25:13
you have captured the very best of lombok in your stream!
wow, never thought there are spots like that there!
fabulous shot!!!

need your assistance when going there ;-)
MaTRaCH 2011-01-28 17:45:17
I stayed here back in 92 before we climbed Rinjani. Stayed at a losmen with this exact view, maybe even the same one but I can't remember its name now. Great reminder.
Forgotten Heritage 2011-01-28 17:51:15
thayssaldanha 2011-02-03 05:12:58
Sir your gallery is stunning, I admire your work
drobectibor 2015-02-15 15:50:37

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