Among several mineral The Mbay IEDZ and vicinity offers a good opportunity for investment on mining marble in Riung (Ngada District) and granite in Wolowaru (Ende District).
The marble deposit in Riung cover an area of 5,700 ha. According to the geo- mineralogy survey done by Dinas Pertambangan the Riung's marble has the hardness between 300 to 550 kilogram per square centimetre. The total deposit is estimated 19 million cubic metre: 7,6 million cubic metre of those considered as suitable for floor tiles, while the remaining is suitable for decoration articles.
The granite deposit in Wolowaru cover an area of approximately 10,000 ha. Though there is no deeper study about the quantity yet, but experts estimated the deposit is far higher than the minimum economic size. The majority of Wolowaru's granite is white based covered with dark grey and black spots. With a hardness of between 500 to 800 kilogram per square centimetre, the granite from Wolowaru considerable has good marketing prospects.
The ever oldest "manufacture" in Mbay, as it is elsewhere in the East Nusa tenggara Province, is the ikat weaving. The day this manufacture considered as the most important souvenir in order to support the tourism industry.
Based on the local products of agriculture, animal husbandry, fishery, forestry and mining, Mbay IEDZ offers a prospect full investment opportunities for the processing of those row materials into half finish product or even the consumer's good.
the demand of food product such as fresh fruits, vegetable, meats and sea food might include supply of large mine sites in Eastern Indonesia e.g . the Oil & Gas exploration and exploitation in Timor Sea, the gold mine in Timika - Irian Jaya and Sumbawa, as well as to meet the global demand, not to mention the domestic market concentrate Bali and Jawa home of 130 population.
The manufacture product such as chilled and canned meat, concentrated fruits juice, roasted coffee, vanilla powder, coconut oil, active carbon from coconut shell, desiccated coconut bamboo furniture, ply bamboo, marble tiles etc.
Due to the close distant from west Australia and the northern Territory Mbay could be also a good place to accommodate the Australian medium scale industry, particularly for which mainly supply the asia and pacific market, including the construction industries contracted by the oil and gas operation companies for Timor Sea.
For the development of the Industrial estate the administration of Ngada District allocates 300 ha land in Towak, which is only 3 kilometer from Mbay's CBD, 14 kilometre from the Airport of Surabaya 2 and 16 kilometre from Marapokor harbour.
Water for this industrial estate will be served from the proposed Boarebhe - Aesesa Dam, which has a storage capacity of 100 million cubic metre of 100 million cubic metre of water.

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