The Managing Board of Mbay IEDZ comprises the government of Ngada District, East Nusa
tenggara Province and Republic of Indonesia. The Chairman of this board is Directly appointed the President of Republic of Indonesia.

The purpose of forming such an organization is to provide One Stop Service for corporations to carry out business in KAPET Mbay such as:

  • Overall information about the nature and human resources, the rules and regulations, investment procedures, land ownership, tourist attraction and hospitality, etc.
  • Legal and law services in area joint venture, ntellectual property right protection, agreement with the government or
    comminuties, advocacy, etc.
  • Administration Service such as : corporate operation permits, labour including the foreign employees construction permits, import-export clearence, taxation auditing services, etc.
  • Consulting and engineering Services such as; environment impact studies, feasibility studies, design, construction, maintenance, etc.
  • This kind of One Stop Service provided by the IEDZ"s multilevel Management Board should assist :: any corporation only if it is required. Except information service, the Board will charge the corporation as its customers for a fee on noncommercial basis.



    To corporations carrying out business activities within Mbay IEDZ are provided with incentives and facilities as follows:

    * Value Added Tax and Sales Tax on Luxury Goods are not imposed:
  • Import of capital goods and other equipment directly related to production activities
  • On delivery of Taxable Goods by the corporation outside Mbay IEDZ to corporations in Mbay IEDZ for further processing.
  • On delivery of Taxable Goods for further processing, between corporations in the same IEDZ or among corporations from different IEDZ.
  • On delivery of Taxable Goods for further processing, between corporation from Mbay IEDZ and corporation of Bounded Zone outside Mbay, or by corporation of Mbay IEDZ to corporation in other Customs Regions for further processing and the pertinent product will be delivered back to Mbay.
  • * Exemption from Income Tax of Article 22 on import of capital goods and other equipment directly related to production activities.
    * Accelerated depreciation and or amortization in the sector of income tax.
    * Loss compensation in income tax starting from the following tax year simultaneously up to the longest of 10 (ten) years.
    * Income Tax Article 26 on Dividend, up to 50% from the total payable amount.
    * Deductible production costs:
  • Benefits enjoyed by the employees and those benefits do not constitute income for employees.
  • Cost of constructing and developing, facilities for the local community, the function of which can be enjoyed by the public
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