The major tourist attraction in Mbay IEDZ and vicinity are the nature and the culture.
The Riung Nature Conservation Park (in Ngada District) and The Komodo National Park (in Manggarai District) host the only remaining giant dragon of the world, called Komodo Dragon. Though the size of the dragon from both parks are similar, but different in colour, i.e. from the latter is more colour full than from the earlier.

The dive spots surrounding Riung Marine Park are relatively better conserved than those in Komodo National Park. Additionally Riung Marine Park and the corral reef North of Mbay offer a large area for snorkling, which is good for non divers or shallow water divers. Further to the East there are several dive spots in Alor considered by recreational dive expert as world class. Together with Kupang Bay, Roti Island and Sumba Island in the South and Taka Bonerate in the North, Mbay and vicinity offer a very promising diving industry.

The Three Colour Lake on Kelimutu Mountain, one of the world most famous tourist attraction, combine with The Nature Conservation Park and traditional village of Moni, is one of the most remarkable tourist attraction in Eastern Indonesia

The sabu Sea in the south of Mbay IEDZ including Timor Bay and further out to Timor Sea is home of game fishes, such as marlin and sailfish. The inaugural Pesona Timor 1995 Bill fish Tournament, which was participated by 12 team has performed 28 strikes of marlin and sailfish.

A varieties of traditional villages spread from the west to East tip of the island Flores showcase different culture from different ethnic group. I Particularly for the young and keenwitted travelers a tour through the kampungs Offers a special experience in his live. Particularly the traditional villages in Ngada-District are considered as the "living museum" of the megalithic culture.

The anthropologic museum in Maumere performs several archaeological evident of the homo erectus and stegodon approximately from the pass 800,000 years, which are found in Riung and Mata Menge (Ngada District), firstly found by a German Missionary and latter recognized by Dr. Michael Morwood from the University of New England.

The administration of Ngada District allocate 500 ha land for resort area attached 7 kilometer white sand beach in Riung. An Australian company NORTRADE PTY LTD and PT DAYA GUNA ABADI have agreed to form a joint venture company to develop a beach resort hotel on it. There are still huge range of investment opportunities ample in hospitality sector, such as marine tourism, tour & travel, resort development, food & beverage services, tourist transportation services etc.

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