AVIATION Currently Mbay IEDZ is accessible from Kupang or Denpasar international airport via Maumere, 140 kilometre East of Mbay. The Navy of The Republic of Indonesia is attempting to rebuild the air strip of Mbay called Surabaya 2, named by the Japanese Navy during the second world war.
Currently Mbay has two harbors, one in Maumbawa at the South coast, and another one in Marapokot at the North coast near Mbay City, the principle city of Mbay IEDZ. Those harbors serve regularly domestic cargo vessels mainly from/to Surabaya and Kupang.
To support Mbay IEDZ future activities the Board of IEDZ will push forward to develop Marapokot harbour into a container port, fully authorized as an entry and departure port from/to the international origin/destination.
The Maumbawa harbour will be fully equiped in order to maximized its utilisation for the domestic cargo service within the province of East Nusa tenggara.

The Mbay IEDZ is well accessible through the called Trans Aceh - Los Palos, the longest national inter insular road connection of Indonesia.
Especially the Flores's section of this national road is divided into two rows, the Northern and the Southern Trans Flores section.
The Department of Trasportation is currently . attempting to obtain a ferry connection between Selayar Island (South sulawesi) and Marapokot (Mbay).
This ferry connection will create a new pattern of national road transportation system, which enable the access to Mbay through the Wes-East as well the North- South axis, i.e. Mbay IEDZ will come an intersection of the most important national longest road transportation system.
The internal road network within Mbay IEDZ is considered as the most advanced and efficient among other Districts elsewhere in Flores Island.
The current Mbay IEDZ demand of electric power is satisfied by Diesel Power Plant based in Bajawa .: Riung and Mbay.
The Public Electricity Service Company is attempting to complete the construction of Ulumbu's Geothermal Power Station in Manggarai District which could produce far over the demand of the whole island. Additionally, JICA discover another Geothermal source in Wogo in Ngada District, with is estimated more power full than the Ulumbu's well.
Bajawa the former and Mbay the current principle e city of Ngada District is facilitated with IDD telecommunication system, while the TELECOM is improving the system with internet connection extensively.

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